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Entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of launching and growing small businesses. Some thrive, many don’t. The number one reason businesses do not make it is a lack of proper funding.
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Join the A+ Team on July 21

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From startups to emerging growth companies, the need for capital, investments in their business is constant. The competition for capital has been fierce. Those not connected to angel investors and venture capital firms results in capable entrepreneurs being underfunded and not launching or never really having a chance at success.

Introducing the JOBS ACT and RegA+. A way of offering everyone the opportunity to invest in your company. Friends and family are a given. Now they can be joined by customers, supporters, and new people who may become both customers and investors, and perhaps influencers as well.

RegA+ is still relatively new. The number of successful raises is limited. An ecosystem of firms successfully supporting this process has emerged. We call them the A+ Team.

Come and hear from them in this succinct, one of a kind event. The best news, it's free to attend.

KoreConX brings you the leaders in the field who will discuss the end-to-end process of creating, executing, and completing a successful crowdfunding campaign. Now that the maximum has been raised to $75 million, opportunities are expanding.

Learn from the experiences of some of the most experienced in the business.

Koresummit The A+Team | When a plan comes together

July 21, 2021

1:00pm EST - 2:00pm EST

  • Andrew Corn

    Andrew Corn


    E5A Integrated Marketing

  • Sara Hanks

    Sara Hanks


    CrowdCheck Law

  • Etan Butler

    Etan Butler


    Dalmore Group

  • Oscar A Jofre

    Oscar A Jofre

    Co-Founder and CEO


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